Introducing TIPS – Today’s Incident Prevention System

Notwithstanding the claims promoted by many companies of their million upon millions of hours of work done without a loss time incident, we are all very much aware that accidents happen.  (If interested on my thoughts on the incident reporting scam please read this blog post - Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics and Loss Time Injuries).

Accidents are part of our daily life – both at work and at home.   Our job as HSE professionals is to do what we can to minimize both the frequency and severity of accidents.  We typically do this through diligently developing, implementing and improving upon our HSE management systems.   

Improving upon an HSE management system is generally done by reviewing past incidents, implementing changes in industry practices, spending money on safety-related equipment, hiring external consultants for audits, etc. These are all beneficial and important. 

But, with the advance of machine learning/artificial intelligence there are many new approaches that may be worth considering for those companies that are truly engaged in further developing a culture of accident prevention.

To this end, Redlog Environmental is pleased to introduce a truly innovative approach for accident prevention: TIPS – Today’s Incident Prevention System.

TIPS is a new and powerful system based on artificial intelligence algorithms that can be hosted internally or via the cloud.  TIPS works in an intuitively logical manner based on continual improvements to its predictive capabilities and:

  • collects site-specific, company wide, and industry HSE data through inspections, employee reporting of observations and incidents as well as secondary sources to enable your company to benefit from your past experience and the experience of others
  • uses machine learning algorithms to identify patterns of behavior that have previously led to accidents, incidents, injuries, property damage and/or financial losses and monitor for re-occurrences of these patterns
  • red flags specific facilities, work-site or processes that are exhibiting these patterns that need to be addressed to prevent accidents 
  • automatically generates informative and dynamic HSE related presentations and reports and allows companies to implement a structured inspection program using digital checklists. Tips will also track cost savings from incident prevention
  • continually updates HSE data to improve upon its accident prevention predictions

If you want to learn more information about TIPS and how it can apply to your company, please contact us or visit

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