HSE Compliance Software

A comprehensive understanding of all applicable national and local HSE laws and regulations is the starting point for effective HSE Compliance Management Program, which in turn will protect your company against potential HSE liabilities.  Yet, it is surprising how many businesses operate with limited or incomplete knowledge of their HSE legal requirements. This can be a result of many factors, e.g., limited HSE staff, rapidly changing laws and regulations, poorly defined laws and regulations, and changes in operations that may result in additional obligations.

Over the last decade, as the awareness of these issues has increased, the demand for HSE compliance services has also increased.   To meet this demand, Redlog has developed legal and regulatory databases (registers) for many countries in Asia; these registers fulfill the requirements for ISO 140001 and ISO 80001.  We also have developed HSE auditing software to enable clients to self-audit HSE performance.

We offer a range of compliance services to meet all needs - free templates, country-specific legal registers and comprehensive and customized legal register and auditing software specific for your facility.

Free HSE Compliance Templates

If you have the time and expertise, why not develop your own HSE register and auditing forms? Feel free to download our Excel spreadsheet templates and modify as required for your country and your operations.

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HSE Legal and Regulatory Registers

Need a country-specific HSE register and compliance auditing tool for your facility? Redlog's proprietary HSE Auditor Pro software and regulagtory updatingservices may be right for you.

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HSE Compliance and Auditing Solutions

Need customized HSE legal registers and auditing tools for your facility? We develop HSE registers and auditing software specific to your needs. Contact our nearest office by email or phone - let us know what you require.

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