How to Carry Out Your Own HSE Compliance Audit

In the last blog post, I discussed the process of developing a simple HSE Legal Register. We will continue that discussion to the obvious next step; that is, developing a simple system to assist in complying with the legislative requirements imposed on your business.To be clear, in this blog post I am not discussing compliance […]

How to Build Your Own HSE Legal Register

An effective HSE management system requires that you have in place the processes and procedures required to meet the legal requirements of the jurisdiction in which you operate.  These legislative requirements will obviously depend upon the country of operation, and can include a handful to literally hundreds of laws and regulations (as discussed in detail […]

Why Are Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Laws and Regulations Ineffective?

In the last blog posts I presented data that indicated HSE laws and regulations are ineffective in many Asian countries.The obvious question is why?Many factors have been cited as causes for ineffective HSE legislation, including:Problems with Laws and RegulationsInsufficient Penalty for Non-ComplianceLack of EnforcementLimited Economic WealthLack of Education and TrainingCorruptionWe will explore each of these […]

Legislation or Prosperity – What Drives HSE Performance in Asia?

In the last several blog posts I have presented an overview of national and international occupational health and safety (OHS) and environmental laws and regulations that affect companies operating in Asia.I noted that there was no significant correlation between the complexity or maturity of a country’s national HSE legislative regime and improvements to either worker […]