Redlog's HSE Equipment Rental Service

We have equipment for monitoring surface water, wastewater, groundwater, soils, indoor and outdoor air quality, and noise - download our equipment list to see if we have what you are need. Send us an email with your request. If you do not see what you need let us know - we are continually updating our inventory and if there is demand we will get it for you.

Consider the advantages or renting from Redlog compared to purchasing HSE sampling equipment:

  • We stock the best equipment available - clean, calibrated equipment ready to use when you need it.
  • No large capital outlay - you can rent equipment at a fraction of the price of ownership.
  • Pay only when you need it - you can attribute costs to your specific job.
  • Flexible daily, weekly and monthly rental options.
  • Free delivery and pick-up from our offices - shipping available to other locations.

Soil Augers ♦ Environmental Soil Sampling Kits ♦ Concrete Core Drills ♦ Survey Equipment ♦ Water Level Electric Tape ♦ Well Sampling Equipment ♦ Water Quality Meters ♦ Air Quality Monitoring Stations ♦ Photo-Ionization Detectors (PID) ♦ Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) Analyzer ♦ Noise Meters/Dosimeters ♦ Air Sampling Pumps ♦ And More....