“I Don’t Give a **** If You Believe in Climate Change…”

Paris Agreement, climate change, and greenhouse gasses – do you understand what these terms really mean?  Do you understand that decisions we make today will have consequences far into the future?  While climate change may seemingly have no apparent consequence to the day-today activities of most HSE professionals, I firmly believe that each and every […]

Introducing Our Newest Office – Alqara, Saudi Arabia

Redlog has been providing HSE services across Saudi Arabia since 2002.  Over that time we have completed dozens of projects, including Phase I and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), HSE due diligence and compliance audits, industrial hygiene studies, HSE training, environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and site remediation.   These projects have extended across the Kingdom, […]

Vapor Intrusion in the Workplace

I have previously discussed volatile compounds that are generated in the workplace from day-to-day activities and the hazards that they can pose to workers –Volatile Compounds in the Workplace: Part 1 VOCs. But, there is another less obvious source of volatile compounds in the workplace, and from my experience a source that is seldom considered […]

Sizzling Hot Tweats……

A short, important and self-explanatory blog post. Earth's hottest August on record. Record-warm months now 16; unprecedented in 137 years of temperature observation. https://t.co/MyJoH2dX9c — Cathy Ann Buckley (@cath11cc) September 20, 2016 NASA: Earth Scorched With Back-to-Back Hottest Month s #climate #warming #earth https://t.co/qHqecaoUP0 — HzBeest (@HerzBeest) September 15, 2016 A reminder that Arctic sea […]